15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The World

3. Niagara Waterfalls, United States


Niagara falls can be located between the border of US and Canada, have height of 167 feet. Niagara waterfalls enriches by three major waterfalls, American falls, Bridal veils falls and Horseshoe falls, the largest one is horshoe falls. One glacier activity cause the birth of niagara 10000 years ago, 30 millions of tourist visits Niagara in every year, oldest state park in United States.

There are 267,811 liters of water falls down from niagara in every second. There are three hydro electrics power stations in niagara, power shared by US and Canada. The night time illumination of niagara is the main wonder you can see upon visit. As became America’s largest butterfly conservatory and frozen stage at winter season makes niagra one of main tourist spot in America.