Top 10 Most Surreal Places In United States

10. Fly Geyser, Washoe County, Nevada

The fly geyser is an amazing geothermal geyser located in the Northwest of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. To your surprise, the fly geyser is not a natural geyser. This amazing geyser was created accidentally when a geothermal company drilled a test well at this site.


Back in 1964, a geothermal company drilled a well on the private fly ranch located in the Northwest of Black Rock Desert, to find geothermal power. They found the underground water on the site is not hot enough for a geothermal plant. So they abandoned the project and left the well uncapped. The site is still a private property, owned by Todd Jaksick.

Gradually, the hot underwater began to rise from the weak spots of the well. The constant release of mineral rich water also results in the formation of limestone mount on the site. The limestone mount is still growing by the continuous deposition of minerals. The presence of thermophilic algae also gives brilliant red-blue coloration to the mounts of the fly geysers.