Top 10 Most Surreal Places In United States

5. Antelope Canyon, Navajo Territory, Arizona

Antelope canyon is among the most beautiful natural wonders of Arizona. This amazing slot canyon located in the Navajo territory of the state. Antelope Canyon is probably the most beautiful and most photographed slot canyon in the world. This canyon is renowned for its wavy sandstone walls and narrow passages.


The antelope canyon includes two different sections – upper antelope canyon and lower antelope canyon. The upper antelope canyon is the most frequently visited section of antelope canyon. It is because of the easiness to access the upper antelope canyon. You can also see the beam of light comes from the opening above the upper antelope canyon. In summer, this section also looks more colorful.

The lower antelope canyon located few kilometers away the upper antelope canyon. You need to climb down along the pre-installed stairs to access the lower antelope canyon. Its paths are also narrower compared to the upper antelope canyon. But the rock formations at this section is just incredible.