10 Incredible Natural Swimming Pools In The World

9. Grotta Della Poesia, Roca Vecchia, Italy


The Grotta della poesia is a spectacular limestone pool located on the Adriatic coast in Italy. This natural pool is also known as Cave of poetry. It is said to be a beautiful princess was used to bath in this natural pool. The local people started to believe that this habit is the secret behind her beauty.

Soon, the news spread throughout the Southern Italy. The poets of that time also featured the story of this natural pool within their works. Thus, this natural pool the coast of the Adriatic Sea is named as ‘Cave of poetry’.

This 600 square meters natural pool is excavated by years of continuous action of sea. The grotto della poesia pool has a circular pattern. It also have to openings, one at sea side and another at landside. The aqua blue waters of this pools is truly amazing and will offers unique swimming experience for you.