10 Incredible Natural Swimming Pools In The World

7. Dudu Lagoon, EL Dudu, Cabrera, Dominican Republic


Of course, the pristine beaches may be the main thing you love about Dominican Republic. But the beaches are not the only best swimming spots in the Dominican Republic. In the Cabrera town of the Northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, there is a sinkhole called as Dudu. It is very popular among international tourists for its cool, crystal clear water.

Unlike the beaches the water of Dudu lagoon is much cooler and clearer. This beautiful natural pool has a depth of 100 feet. There is a small staircase to access the pool. In addition to this facility, you can also find pendulum type ropes there. For a fun filled experience, you can use these ropes to swing and drop down into the cool water of the lagoon.

Never think that swimming is the only activity you can enjoy in the beautiful Dudu lagoon. This cenote has underwater caves. So it is also a good place for scuba diving. You can dive into the nearby lake through the caves. It can be a unique and thrilling experience for you.