10 Incredible Natural Swimming Pools In The World

4. Hamilton Pool Preserve, Austin, Texas, U.S


The Hamilton pool is a favorite summer swimming destination for Americans as well as international tourists. This amazing natural pool is located within a 232 acres of protected area in Austin city of Texas State. The Hamilton pool has striking green water and surrounded by large limestone slabs. There is also a small waterfall spills from the limestone roof.

Hamilton pool was formed over thousands of years ago, when the continuous natural erosion collapsed the dome of an underground river. Fortunately, this unique natural pool never gets dried up. It is truly a wonder of Austin City. An unforgettable swimming experience is guaranteed for the visitors.

The entry to the Hamilton pool is completely free. There are so much to see in the nature preserve apart from the Hamilton pool. You can see some rarest birds and plants in the protected area around the pool. But biking and fishing are not allowed in this area.