10 Incredible Natural Swimming Pools In The World

6. Hinatuan Enchanted River, Mindanao, Philippines

As the name indicates, the Enchanted River is a stunningly colorful river located in the Mindanao Island in Philippines. No one is known about the origin of this beautiful river. That is why the enchanted river is called so.


For first time visitors, the enchanted river look like a surreal place. Because the color of the river is astonishingly beautiful. It ranges from aquamarine to blue. You can see dark blue color in the deep parts of the river. At the same time the shallow parts of the river reflect aquamarine to light blue color.

The enchanted river is actually a small, deep river that is very close to the sea. As the water is very clear, you can even see the bottom of the river. The water in the river is also completely free from dirt. All these conditions attracts tourists from around the world to the enchanted river.

According to the local people some spots in the enchanted river have the influence of spirits. So that not all areas are allowed for swimming. The night time swimming is also prohibited in this area. Luckily, you can find all facilities near the enchanted river, including cottages, life jackets and delicious seafood.